jueves, 9 de julio de 2015

Useful Phrasal Verbs

ASK someone OUT: invite on a date
BACK someone UP: support 
BREAK DOWN: stop functioning 
BREAK UP: end a relationship 
CALL someone BACK: return a phone call 
CALL something OFF: cancel 
CALM DOWN: relax 
CHECK IN: arrive and register 
CHECK OUT: leave a hotel 
CHEER UP: become happier 
COUNT ON: rely on 
DRESS UP: wear nice clothing 
EAT OUT: eat at a restaurant
GET AWAY: go on a vacation 
GO AHEAD: start 
GO OUT: go on a social event
HANG OUT: spend time relaxing 
LOOK OUT: be careful 
PICK OUT: choose 
PUT something OFF: postpone 
SET something UP: arrange, organize 
SHOP AROUND: compare prices 
TAKE OFF: start to fly 
TURN UP: appear suddenly
WORK OUT: exercise 

photo credit: OMG New Scrabble Words 2015 via photopin (license)