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Learn English through music and lyrics...

Use this karaoke!
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English Idioms for Personality & Character

1. ARMCHAIR CRITIC: el que critica desde fuera
2. BUSYBODY: metomentodo
3. CHEAPSKATE: agarrado
4. COACH POTATO: perezoso y pasivo
5. DOWN TO EARTH: con los pies en la tierra
6. FUDDY-DUDDY: chapado a la antigua
7. GO GETTER: ambicioso
8. GOODY-GOODY:  buenudo, santito
9. KNOW IT ALL: sabelotodo
10. MAN/WOMAN OF HIS/HER WORD: persona de palabra
11. MOVER AND SHAKER: influyente
12. SET IN HIS/HER WAYS: cabezota, no quiere cambiar su manera de hacer las cosas
13.SLIMEBALL: ser odioso
14. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: sociable
15. STICKLER FOR THE RULES: rigorista, insistente
16. WET BLANKET: cenizo, aguafiestas
17. WORRYWART: angustias, preocupón/a

Cheap Valentine's Day Tips

Valentine's Day

"You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die" Shakespeare in Love

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
- Doing crafts 
- Watching movies
- Cooking Valentine's recipes

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